Rifles in stock NOW!

These rifles listed below are one-off special acquisitions that we could not pass up and are in stock now for immediate dispatch!

Here at Oakrise Arms we can acquire any number of historic bolt-action rifles for you; tell us your requirements and we’ll provide you a selection of quality firearms to choose from.

In fact, we can try and source any classic 20th century Military Rifle! If it's out there, AND it's legal, we'll find it for you


The quality rifle you want –at the best possible price!


Detailed photgraphs of all of the current stock rifles are available on request.


Please watch this space for new stock as it arrives!






Contact us today!

Buying a rifle from Oakrise Arms could not be simpler! Just choose your rifle or tell me what you are looking for and send me an email with a copy of your FAC & variation attached.

Each of our MLR rifles are manufactured to order.

If you want any further information or want to place an order, please e-mail Stewart at:




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