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Oakrise Arms is all about just two things, bringing you interesting, and affordable quality historic and classic live fire rifles and giving you the best customer service you’ve ever received from an RFD!

When I first started full bore rifle shooting, the one rifle I really wanted to shoot was the iconic M1 Garand!

However, as the self loading M1 had been banned as a section 5 firearm since 1988, I was denied the pleasure.

Consequently, I started working on design and manufacturing methods to create the M1-MLR Garand, a straight pull / single shot version of the M1 that I could possess on my Section 1 Firearm Certificate.

After four years of development work, liaising with my Police Firearms Section, the Home Office, eminent forensic firearms consultants and working closely with Italian firearms manufacturer Nuova Jager, together with an incredible amout of legal research, the section 1 compliant M1-MLR Garand was created... and so was Oakrise Arms.

Using the techniques learned from developing the M1-MLR Garand Oakrise Arms is the only Registered Firearms Dealer in the UK to provide such an extensive range of live-fire historic rifles previously unavailable to UK shooters and to be the only RFD in the UK to specialize only in live fire historic 20th century military firearms.

Oakrise Arms is a Registered Firearms Dealer- run by a shooter -especially for shooters.

Oakrise Arms intends to bring the type of firearms that will appeal to shooters who value design over pure utility, history over hype, wood over plastic and skilled marksmanship rather than a reliance upon technology.

Oakrise Arms is daily seeking out interesting high quality rifles specifically for UK shooters

Forefront amongst the business’s products is the MLR - Manually Loading Rifle, the design concept by which rifles that fell foul of the UK’s 1988 ban on all self loading firearms are remanufactured to be fully section 1 compliant. These rifle are now available to UK FAC holders. Please also see our Legal Notice.

You may find some of our rifles elsewhere, you may find them at a different price, you may even find dealers falsely claiming these rifles come exclusively from them, but what you will never find is the same commitment to you as our customer!

We all know that rifle shooting is really quite addictive, hands up everyone who has just one rifle.... anybody? So what we work for is for you to come back and to tell your colleagues that Oakrise is the place to buy that rifle!

Contact us today!

Buying a rifle from Oakrise Arms could not be simpler! Just choose your rifle or tell me what you are looking for and send me an email with a copy of your FAC & variation attached.

Each of our MLR rifles are manufactured to order.

If you want any further information or want to place an order, please e-mail Stewart at:




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