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11 July 2020 update

Deliveries from my suppliers in Europe (particularly Ialty) are starting up again with the June order just waiting now for paperwork.

Coming soon....

Pristine condition Lee Enfields, No.4s and SMLEs More information to follow!

NJ M1 MLR Garand "Scout"

Brand new hybrid rifle from Italy. Similar in concept to the modern M1 'Tanker' model, the rifle combines a NATO M1 Garand .308 reciever with a shortened barrel, inert BM59 gas  tube and front sight finishing with a new flash suppressor. Accepts standard 8 round M1 en-bloc clips.

This rifle is so new and the first  models won't be ready for a couple of months so we don't have a price for it yet, but it's expected to be in the region of £1,800


US Caliber 30 M1 MLR Carbine

Various USGI manufactures, mostly Inland with excellent barrels and smooth actions. WWII and Korea Surplus so the stocks will have seen some action. Great shooters!

M1 Carbine £1,500

M1A1 Paratrooper £1,800



USGI 1950's Manufacture, sold to Israel in the early 1970's, accurized and used by the IDF as a sniper rifle. Brown composite stock with removable cheek comb.

Granted the IDF stock is a bit 'fugly', but they are serviceable! Expertly converted to MLR in .308W, the rifles have both English and Hebrew marks.



Chambered in .223 rem, the rifle was first adopted by the IDF in 1972, the first prototypes began as simple modifications of captured AKM by Yisrael Galili (formerly Yisrael Balashnikov!). Further design features from Finnish Valmets were later incorporated into the final design. In order to same damage to the magazines, a bottle opener was included at the rear of the handguard!  £1,000


Designed in the early 1970's by the Sterling Armaments Co. of Dagenham and based on Sterling's Light Automatic Rifle (LAR) rifle rifle was built by CIS for the Singapore Armed Forces. Chambered in .223 Rem and expertly transformed to UK legal straight pull, the rifle accepts M16 STANAG magazines.  £1,550

Recently acquired for a customer!

An FG42 and a StG44 -both section 1 straight pull MLRs! Brand new manufacture from Germany in 8mm Mauser and 7,92 Kurz respectively. These are not cheap and individually built to order, so get in touch if interested!

For more information on these rifles or any other please just drop us a line at!



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