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4 January 2022 update

The M1 MLR Garand is available to order. The Covid-19 pandemic has meant that a number of rifles are unavailable until new stocks can be found. However, the following rifles are available to order NOW:


M1D MLR Sniper

Garand Sniper rifle, Danish NATO contract receiver Original M84 telescopic sight and mount on new manufacture barrel block.  

Cal 30-06 Limited Availability.                          £2,800


Genuine USGI 1950's manufacture, sold to Israel in the 1970's, accurized and used by the IDF as a sniper rifle. Brown composite stock with removable cheek comb. Very limited quantities of wood stocks also available.

Cal. 7.51 NATO/.308W                                                    £2,800


M14 modified and accurized by TRW (Thompson-Ramo-Wooldridge) only 4900 produced, selected barrel and components, adopted by Israel in the 1970s until 2000 by the I.D.F and designated M14 SWS (Sniper Weapon System), original barrel in excellent condition, perfect mechanics including  rare and original Nimrod 6×40 optics. A Rare and exceptional rifle. Limited Availability.

Cal. 7.51 NATO/.308W                                                       £5,250

IDF M14 MLR (Winchester)


Genuine USGI 1950's Winchester manufacture, sold to Israel in the 1970's, accurized and used by the IDF as a Designated Marksman's Rifle. Original wood stock

A very rare rifle!

Cal. 7.51 NATO/.308W                                                      £3,000



Former Singapore Army small arm, built under license from Dagenham's Sterling Armaments. The rifle is derived from Sterling's LAR and Armalite's AR18. These rifles are mostly new and never issued. Chromed barrel, very precise and uses standard m16 magazines, the bolt almost identical to the British SA80 system! A very interesting piece of ordinance!

Cal. 5.56 NATO/.223Rem                                £1,600



Oakrise Arms is delighted to be the exclusive UK distributer of the Nuova Jager's new AR15 rifle, specifically designed as a UK legal straight pull.


Uniquely, the rifle has been designed with an ambidextrous side charging handle. The rifle comes in a variety of barrel lengths: 12", 141/2", 16", 18" or 24”. Depending on calibre and length, barrel twist is 1:9 or 1:7

The rifle comes with IMI Defence furniture and as the rifle is Mil-Spec, all aftermarket accessories will fit. Magazines are AR15 stanag standard. Picatinny rail mounted iron sights are an optional extra.

Available in calibres .223R, .223 Valkyrie,

6.8 Grendel & 6.8 spc              

Prices from £1,700

Recently acquired for a customer!

An FG42 and a StG44 -both section 1 straight pull MLRs! Brand new manufacture from Germany in 8mm Mauser and 7,92 Kurz respectively. These are not cheap and individually built to order, so get in touch if interested!

For more information on these rifles or any other please just drop us a line at!



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Buying a rifle from Oakrise Arms could not be simpler! Just choose your rifle or tell me what you are looking for and send me an email with a copy of your FAC & variation attached.

Each of our MLR rifles are manufactured to order.

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