Beretta 7.62 BM59-MLR  from £1,950

During the 1950s, Beretta produced the M1 Garand in Italy at the behest of NATO and chambered for the new 7.62 NATO round, by having the tooling used by Winchester during World War II shipped to them by the U.S. government.

These rifles were designated Model 1952 in Italy, and eventually led to variants of their own, the best known of these being the BM59 series.

Basically, the BM59 can be described as a re-chambered M1 Garand, with addition of the removable 20 round box magazine.

By adding a detachable magazine, Berretta actually created a variant that was closer to Garand's original idea than the WWII en block fed US service rifle.

Garand's basic design together with some added Italian style created an exceptional rifle that was only withdrawn in 1990 after an impressive 30 year service record.

Pretty good for a platform originating in 1930’s

Oakrise Arms is proud to offer this new manufactured version of this rifle, made in Italy from original and new component parts.


BM-59 MLR Mark I: semi-pistol grip £1,950

BM-59 MLR  Paracadutisti  £2,150                                                                                 

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