M1-MLR Garand                                        £1,850

Now you can own a UK legal US Rifle M1 "Garand"- arguably the rifle that won the Second World War (...or saved the world according to America!!), the Garand is undeniably the most iconic rifle to come out of WWII.

John Garand's rifle became the standard-issue service rifle of the U.S. forces in World War II, the Korean War, and also saw service to a limited extent in the Vietnam War, and was the main battle rifle of Italy and Denmark in the 1950’s, and in Greece where it's still in use for ceremonial duties by the Presidential Guard! -you know, the guys with pom-poms on the shoes!

For the first time since 1988, this iconic rifle is now available to UK shooters and licensed re-enactors as a section 1 MLR, manual rotating bolt action.

Each M1-MLR is manufactured individually from carefully selected original parts from the new barrel right up to the matt oil finished stocks by our licensed manufacturer. 

New or refinished stocks (as available), fully re-parked metalwork and looking like a brand new 'as issue' rifle.

As much of the original rifle is retained as possible in order to produce this iconic classic. That, together with new barrel ensures that the finished rifle is fully UK section 1 compliant. All of our rifles are CIP proofed.

Consequently, a great working rifle, in orginal 'as issued' condition that you will be proud to own and above all... proud to shoot!

Receivers are quite random and wholly subject to availability and can be Beretta (PB) or Breda (BMR) manufacture. These post-war receivers were manufactured on Winchester (WRA) tooling in Italy (and no one can say that the Italians are not superb gunsmiths!), so except for the stamps, they are absolutely identical to WWII USGI issue.

What our customers have said about the M1 MLR Garand:  

L.M. wrote: "I took the rifle out for the first outing on Saturday morning and was most impressed with the accuracy and repeatability, the rifle is beautifully balanced and is a pleasure to shoot, it certainly had plenty of admirers and a large queue of friends wanting to have a go with it."

I.S. said "I’ve had my new Garand out several times now and thought I would send you a note to say how it is going. Short answer – Great! I’m really enjoying it and it has attracted a lot of interest from other shooters as you don’t often see these rifles on the ranges. It’s a great rifle to own/shoot and I’m really enjoying it. So pleased to have found your website and the means to acquire one."

J.G. reported:  "What a rifle!. Hitting centre mass (14" dia) was easy at 300 yd. On to the 600 yd range and it could still be done 70% of the time. For a rifle with open sights I am quite amazed at this accuracy."



       ONLY £1,850


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Each of our MLR rifles are manufactured to order.

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